What we offer?

    We Specialize in Event/ Wedding Decorations and Planning 


LASER CUT DESIGNS for purchase

** table numbers (acrylic, wooden blocks, long stick, stand free)

** Place names ( wooden or acrylic) 

** Custom made Hula signs ( 55cm, 60cm,75cm, 90cm) 

** Engraved Welcome signs -wooden or acrylic (personalized) (standard size 45cm tall  60cm wide)

**Engraved seating plan - wooden or acrylic 

** Personalized wooden Gift Boxes ( bridesmaids, groomsmen, etc)

** Personalized wooden wine boxes

**Engraved Directional Signs 

** Engraved Table signs ( wooden or acrylic)( example  cards & gifts) 

**Personalized Cake toppers 

** Personalized guest favour tags ( acrylic or wooden - round, heart, rectangular shape...other designs)

** Large Backdrop names ( weddings, birthdays, any special event )

** vinyl decals for signs 

** Engraved personalized Hangers

**Engraved Personalized Glasses 

** Personalised Wooden card boxes

** Acrylic card box with heart shape padlock 

** Colour printed Signs, banners, labels and stickers 

**  Miniatures spirit Alchohol Bottles  50ml and 200ml available - custom made 


**1.2m height light up LOVE letters 

** white wishing well

** White Pillars with flowers 

** White arch with flowers

** Double walnut colour arch

** complete table centerpieces ( wooden rounds/mirrors, table numbers, rustic golden lamp or vase with flowers, 1.8m or 3.6m long greenery... for along the table, tea lights for the table)   **3 set cylinder vases 

**Directional signs 

**Table signs

** Seating plan with easel 

** Easels

** White large shepherd's Hook

** acrylic or wooden table numbers 

** Chair covers 

**Personalized Schedule Sign

**Candy Ferris Wheel  large

** Large Greenery Wagon Wheel Chandelier - 108cm in diameter 

** Rustic Wagon Wheel - Welcome sign - with deco and lights 

** Acrylic Pedestals

** Large Flower Centerpices with white stand

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Make your Special Day... Extra Special with Amaizing New Style Wedding Decorations!

Quality. Style. EuroGlam.

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Large light up White LOVE


Engraved Glasses

Wedding Archway

Add to your venue, The Large light up White LOVE letters , to create a fairytale atmosphere

Personalised messages

from $10 per glass

contact us for full list of prices

bulk order available

Perfect for you wedding ceremony

Different flower designs available

2.35m High    1.6m Wide

comes apart in 5 pieces, no screws needed!!

Many Different designs available

Different designs and  Colours available

Photo 10-04-19, 6 16 12 PM.jpg

Personalised Cake toppers

Photo 10-04-19, 2 04 10 PM.jpg

Acrylic Signs

From 15cm -90cm in Diameter

Photo 10-04-19, 6 12 08 PM.jpg

Personalised Custom made signs

Photo 1-04-19, 10 23 05 AM.jpg

Table Centerpieces

Acrylic Place Names 

Bridal Bouquets

Personalised engarved 

Wooden Gift Boxes

Wooden place


Personalised Engraved Hangers - white colour available

Personalised engarved 

Wooden Card Boxes

Acrylic Card Box with       heart shape gold                      padlock

Personalized option available 

Personalised engarved 

         Bottle openers

Personalised Laser cut              Hula signs 

Acrylic Signs

Personalized option available 

Copper Stand  With Acrylic Welcome sign or seating chart

Acrylic - clear pedestals 

Custom Made Mini Alcohol Bottles

Many Designs Availble

** Rustic

** Glamourous

**Simple touch

Our Story

My husband and I got married in May 2018. Unfortunately, great things are hard to find, we struggled finding beautiful, unique custom made decorations or personalized items and so we started making our own. We loved creating them so much and we enjoyed every moment into planning our wedding.


This is how EuroGlam was born and became our family business. We are here to create unique, beautiful memories, help you to find the  perfect touch to your Big Day and why not ease a bit of that stressful time that panning a wedding can be!  

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Mon - Fri: 10:30am - 3:30pm
Sat: 10am - 1pm
Sun: 10am-1pm


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Event Decorating Contract Between: EUROGLAM (“the Vendor”)

 And: _____________________________(“the Client”)

Type of Event: _____________________________Location of event: __________________________

 Event Date: _____________________

Mobile Number: ___________________


Please review EuroGlam’s Special Event Decorating Contract. The following terms and conditions are established to assist you in arranging your event. These terms and conditions are intended to ensure the highest level of decorating services. Your event will be confirmed when you have read and sign the following policies and supplied EuroGlam with an estimate 25% non-refundable deposit.

The hire period is 1-4 days!


1.Payment and Deposits

Billing arrangements for all events must be made in accordance with the policies set out below, unless otherwise negotiated. A 25% estimated non-refundable deposit is due at the time of booking.  Balance of payment must be paid 2 weeks prior to service, unless otherwise specified and arranged. We accept cash and Bank Transfers.  

An additional $200 security deposit will be added to the final package price (when Euroglam delivers and set up the event) . The full security deposit will be returned to the Client at the end of the event, unless there are any items missing or damaged. The cost of the items will be subtracted from the security deposit. If damage or missing items exceeds $200 security deposit, the Client will be bill separately for those items. A final bill for any damage and/or missing equipment will be sent to the Client within 7 days following the event. Payment is due upon receipt.



The 25% Deposit is non-Refundable – no matter when the client cancels

Should the Client wish to cancel the booking within 10 days days notice of the event date, EuroGlam will retain the full amount – for all hired items specified on the invoice. If Cancellations are made within 3 months prior event day 50% Refund After the 25% deposit will be given back to the client.




3. Service Agreement

EuroGlam will agree to arrive promptly at the predetermined time.The Client agrees to have the pre-arranged venue location open and ready for set up. The Client agree that the set-up area will be free from any articles or items that may inhibit delivery and/or set up of your decorations. EuroGlam WILL NOT BE held responsible if these terms are not met and your event does not start on time. EuroGlam agrees to return at the pre-designated time to retrieve all decorating items.

 In the event that any item is missing or damaged you agree to pay the cost of repair or replacement. If the Client agreed to book an outdoor set-up, the Client is responsible to have an alternate location available in the event of inclement weather. If no alternate location is available, the Client agrees and understands that some or all items may not be available for set up and use. In the instance agreed upon conditions are not met you agree to release EuroGlam from all liability.


4.Client Picking up – and returning the hired items

If client wishes to arrange pick up and Return with set up by themselves, The client is responsible for any damage, or missing items during the hire period. The client agrees to arrive promptly for pick up and return the items the items at the predetermined time. An Addition $400 bond is required to cover any damage or loss of the hired items.


5.Changes to Decorating Plans

During initial consultation, the Client will be given an invoice with price of decoration services and breakdown of additional rentals based on the Client’s needs for their event. It is the Client’s responsibility to check invoice for accuracy. Once a package price has been agreed upon, and items have been purchased, the Client may not ask for a reduction in price due to no longer needing items or needing less items. Changes to the decorating package are acceptable at the Client’s expense.


6.Decorating Arrangements (Client Responsibility)

 It is the Client’s responsibility to communicate with the venue (hall, hotel, etc.) and schedule a minimum of 2 hours for Decorator to perform the work. Some events may need more time, depending upon details required. If the venue will allow decorating the day before, Decorator will make every effort to accommodate this allowance. The Decorator will also need 2 hours for breakdown. Breakdown does not include clearing and bussing of tables, trash, etc. That is the responsibility of the venue and/or caterer.




7.Damage to Property

It is the Client’s responsibility to ensure all equipment and supplies are returned in excellent and working order. EuroGlam will add $200 Security Deposit to the final Package Price. The full security deposit will be returned to the Client at the end of their event, unless there are any items missing or damaged. The cost of the items will be subtracted from security deposit. If the cost of damage and missing items exceeds $200, the Client will be billed for those items separately. If the LOVE LETTERS  are damaged to the point where they would need to be fully replaced, the Client is responsible to pay the total cost of replacement. The cost to replace the LOVE LETTERS can range up to $2500.

8.Event Locations

The Client assumes all responsibility for any damages/theft to the property rented to the Client that may be caused by patrons, members, guests, or invitees. Rental of the location is the sole responsibility of the Client and it is recommended that the Client confirm with the location that Page 3 of 3 all necessary equipment/rooms are included.



 In the event that the Decorator deems the event to be unsafe, the Decorator reserves the right to halt all services rendered if the event has begun. If the event has not begun, then the Decorator will provide the same services on a different date. If the Client or the Client’s guest cause the event to become unsafe, then the Client will pay any fees (travel, rentals, staff, etc..) associated with changing the date of the services.



It is agreed that EuroGlam may display and use video and photographs from the catering session and event for internet promotions, social media promotions and any other noncommercial purposes thought proper by EuroGlam. All videos or photographs are subject to be posted on all social networking sites for promotional purposes only. The Client is responsible for advising EuroGlam in writing of any photos or videos he/she wishes not to be publicized. EuroGlam possesses full ownership of all video and photos of the decorating process and final set up photographed by EuroGlam and or its affiliates. Therefore, EuroGlam has permission to place their name and logo on any photographs taken by EuroGlam.


11.Travel Fees

Delivery – pick up is charge per Km  Set up – is charge per the amount required for us spend setting up. Please speak consult with us to determine the fees required for your event.



 _______________________________ _______________________________ Client’s Name (PLEASE PRINT)

Client’s Signature _____________________

 Date _______________________________

 _________________ EuroGlam Signature

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